XiantMobile - with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Xiant Mobile is the smartest email client you'll ever use.

Smarter Inboxes

Xiant Mobile supports most of today's most popular email protocols, including Microsoft Exchange (with ActiveSync), Gmail, Gmail Apps for My Domain, Gmail for Business, and IMAP. With Xiant Mobile, you can send and receive from multiple accounts—or set up a combined inbox which brings everything together.

Smarter Messages

Xiant Mobile highlights the most important names, places, and contacts in each message in your inbox. Want to learn more about a contact? You can bring up all the information you'll ever need—with just one touch.

Smarter Search

Can't find a message in your inbox? With Xiant Mobile's built-in search capabilities, you can find exactly what you're looking for—with just one query. Xiant Mobile offers the fastest, most complete e-mail search solution available for Android today.